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Once you finish with this lesson, you can go directly into Important Things To Do, in the course menu, before the course begins.

Warm-up Activity

Let’s start off with an easy activity. 

1. Watch the video! 

[progressally_vimeo_video id='346003821' vimeo_id='346003821' width='' height='400']

2. Great! Now complete this survey. Click Next > to see the next question.

Take a good look at your life right now.

Discover where you stand in each of these important categories, and gain more self-knowledge in five minutes than most people gain in a lifetime.

Answer quickly, the first thought that comes to your mind. Be truthful—as you go through you can start to identify the different aspects of your life you may want to work on, or where you feel satisfied.

Remember to be a “Detached Observer” no judgement here.



3. Last but not least, right click on this link to download and save the activity. Remember to save it to your desktop, then open it to fill it in and save your answers.


Check off the objectives for the day.  Most videos will be marked as complete when you watch them, as will quizzes.

A check mark will appear in the menu on the left, indicating which days you have completed.


Go ahead and try it out, check the boxes in the list, then scroll up to see that the first menu item is checked off.


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