Important Things to Do

1. Download the PDF Handouts

There are handouts compiled into a PDF booklet to make completing the activities easier. The booklet can be downloaded and saved to your computer, then you can open it and type directly in the PDF. If you would rather work with paper, you can print out the PDF, or, you can simple complete the activities on a blank sheet.



2. Join Your Life in Sight Group

Click here to go to your Life in Sight Group when prompted enter purposepower in the question box.

3. Watch the Time Tracker Video

[progressally_vimeo_video id='346003776' vimeo_id='346003776' width='' height='400']

4. Complete the time tracker activity on Page 4 of the PDF Activity Handout you downloaded in Step 1.


As you check off these objectives for the day, a check mark will appear in the menu on the left, indicating which days you have completed. Some videos will be marked as complete when you watch them, as will quizzes.

Go ahead and try it out, check the boxes in the list, then scroll up to see that the first menu item is checked off.

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